Pour ceux qui parlent français n’hésitez pas à poster vos commentaire ou suggestion en français :-p

Info update:

  • (1.31) The choice of the “atout” is displayed according to the position of the cards in your hand
  • (1.30) Cards display improved (better memory management)

This is a swiss card game that I have implemented for Android. I started from scratch developping the user interface and the artificial intelligence.

It is available on Android Market. There are two versions (normal and full). You can purchase the full version for 1.10 CHF that is less than 1€. It’s less than a cup of coffee in Switzerland and I don’t tell you the number of cups I needed to develop this soft!

Scan or click the QR code to download the application.

And if you want to pay me more coffe please consider buying this app :-p